About Kate Henderson Photography

First things first, many photographers say "we" when really there's one, "I", so let's be straight - there's just me and I! am delighted to welcome you to my website.

I am a part time professional photographer with big dreams to achieve my potential.  One day, with hard work, focus and drive I will be a full time photographer doing what I love day in and day out. For now, I'm chugging away at a full time job (Monday to Friday) and doing my photography the rest of the time.

The great thing about this, is that, when you choose me as your photographer, you are choosing someone who really loves being a photographer. I don't have overheads to pay or hefty targets to achieve, so if we work together, it's because we really want to. I am honoured when I am asked to photograph loved ones, attend events, or play such a major part in a couples special day, so, in return, my clients often see me going above and beyond the role of a photographer.

I really hope you like the look of my work, and I'd be delighted to talk to you about your specific requirements, so please do get in touch and we can have a chat.

Background to Kate

I live in Derby with my two boys, Tom cat and Oakley... my crazy working cocker spaniel puppy! 

I feel really lucky to have 'found photography', especially as my career path has taken me on a weird and wonderful route. I started out my career in high end fashion retail and loved it so much I decided to do my degree in Fashion. I worked hard and secured a place at Nottingham Trent University where I studied design for two years,  I realised I'd never make a top London designer (mostly because I didn't want to move to London) so I finished my degree in International Fashion Business. This was the first good move! 

Annoyingly, when I finished University the economy also finished and my hopes of walking into a fantastic graduate job were finished too. So I grafted, worked here and there and gathered my experience. You might be interested to know, that I ran a bridal boutique in Derby, so for all the lovely brides reading this - I can also iron wedding dresses, fix small problems on the day and help you into your dress if needs be! During this time I also helped my friends set up small retail businesses, and continued to work for high end retailers including award winning Young Ideas.

Things started to fall into place when I secured a place on the John Lewis management training programme. They trained me up, I gained a lot of experience and I worked my butt off. The John Lewis Partnership is actually the reason I am fully technically trained in digital photography… They have incredible benefits in place for their 'Partners' and through the relevant channels, the retail giant paid for half of my tuition fees and allowed me the time to go to my classes. Now that was a great move!

Eventually my time at John Lewis came to an end and I took a leap into marketing, which is where I currently reside Monday to Friday. An excellent move… I am now in a varied and creative role with structure and routine allowing me time at the weekends to build and develop my extra love - photography.

The Future

Who knows… but I think it will involve the best moves yet!

A few extra things you might like to know about me...

I run... currently training for the 2 half marathons (Robin Hood and Worksop Half)

Drink champagne (when I can afford it)

Regularly find myself up to no good with the girls...

And the rest of the time... i'm with my family or eating chocolate, or both... In fact, sometimes I do everything at once :)

Fancy a chat?

07803819864 * kate@kate-henderson-photography.com *